Savannah jones jewellery

Joan Of Arc Necklace in 14k Gold


History has often placed women at a subordinated level than men; however, there are few women figures who have dared to rise from their ascribed level and inspire millions to date. The miraculous story of Frances loved saint, Joan of arc born to a poor illiterate peasant family who, through her ‘visions’ of the three saints led France to victory during the 100 years of war. Remembered as the heroine who saved France from invaders and a strong individual who stood against extreme odds this solid 14k gold talisman is a reminder of her teachings. They show us that that you can live a life of courage and authenticity and achieve things you never thought possible for yourself.  

She hangs on an 18" solid gold singapore chain

20% of the profits from the Joan of Of Arc pendants will be donated to YULA, an organization that provides amazing resources and programs for the native youth in Vancouver British Colombia.



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