Savannah Jones Jewellery is a brand designed and created by Savannah Jones in The Eastern Townships Quebec, Canada. Savannah’s pieces are a combination of the timelessness of life and culture that weaves the natural world into the quiet sensuality of jewellery. Infused with meaning, the colour pallets of each piece unite earth tones into an organic balance of wearable jewellery for your everyday. Each piece is carefully considered to create a delicate and dream like experience for the wearer. Savannah aims to create jewellery to evoke a warm and soulful story of hand crafted pieces that can be passed down for generations. Savannah is committed to exceptional craftsman ship in every stage of production and works with environmentally sourced precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds. Made with refined metals and delicately handcrafted, each piece is designed, cast, cleaned and set from The Eastern Townships Quebec, Canada. 


About the Designer  

As a child I grew up collecting small object and trinkets- treasures kept in shoe boxes under my bed. I have always had a fascination with jewellery and wearable pieces of art. My mother was a bench jeweller and an avid collector of antiques and jewellery she would find at estate sales and auctions. I would go through her jewellery box of loose gemstones and antiques and dream of the types of people who had worn these pieces generations before. My mission is to create timeless pieces that evoke adventure and storytelling into the wearer. 

Before my path into jewellery I was a tree planter in British Colombia where I spent my days outside in the forest dreaming up designs for Savannah Jones Jewellery. It is in nature where I find my inspiration and it is in the natural world where the true essence of Savannah Jones Jewellery lies. I try to evoke a lush narrative in my work by weaving the soft natural energy of nature into each piece I create. I use many different techniques in my jewellery such as a variety of textures using hammers, lost wax casting, organic casting, fabricating, and hand engraving.

In ancient times, prehistoric humans thought of decorating the body before they thought of making use of anything that could suggest clothing. I make my jewellery to represent the natural state which we used to decorate ourselves in. Organic casting, using trees and other natural elements is a staple of Savannah Jones Jewellery.  Incorporating textures that emulate the intricate bark of a tree, gentle waves in the ocean or delicate flora and fauna, bring forward the surreal and romantic qualities these elements in nature capture. 

I believe each day is a chance for us to celebrate and enjoy our creative expression using the canvas of our own bodies and I am honoured to be a part of this collaboration.