Wedding bands

Our wedding bands are a combination of organic and refined. Each ring is offered in three different widths and textures. Each one handmade here in our Montreal studio using solid 14k gold.

Savannah Jones Jewellery

Our Mission

Inspired by nature’s exquisite imperfections, each piece is carefully considered to create a delicate and dream like experience for the wearer. Savannah aims to evoke a warm and soulful story of handcrafted and durable jewellery that can be passed down for generations to become your future heirlooms. Highlighting neutral and subtle colour pallets, Savannah Jones pieces are thoughtfully created around maintaining balance in a world existing between romance and sophistication.

Savannah Jones Jewellery

Ethical Jewellery

It is of deep importance to create sustainable pieces that do not encourage disposable consumerist fashion practices.  We are committed to exceptional craftsmanship, as each piece is made by hand and varies slightly, with small differences making each piece truly one of a kind- just like you! 

Personal touch and intimacy

We believe each day is a chance for us to commemorate our creative expression, and our personal stories using the canvas of our bodies. We are honored to be a part of this sentimental collaboration.

With love and gratitude, 

Savannah Jones

Birthstone Pendants

Keep this zodiac birthstone pendant close to your heart to commemorate your birth or the birth of a loved one - or simply find the stone that speaks to you. Hand carved out of solid gold and sterling silver, these pendants were made to evoke your magic…to never forget your true essence of self. If you get lost, just look down and you will find the North Star on your neck and the way back to your higher power. A star to shine just for you. Handmade with love here in Montreal.